THE CENTRE OF SILENCE - A sitespecific work of sound

Jesper Norda // 12.12 - 14.2 2010

Kalmar konstmuseum is for the first time exhibiting sound art, a sound-based installation created for this specific space. It can be described as an auditory play that contains both spoken text and sound. The work is sound but it is also describing what the sound is; in the existing space and in relation to the body. By bringing visitors to the exhibition information about what the sound is doing to the listener, this work is directly connecting to the work Marked/unmarked, a work that is using the same space and can be experienced from the outside of the museum after closing time. In the art work Marked/unmarked the body is occupying a central place but in the case of Lindberg/Apelmo it does so as a creator of female identity. In the work by Jesper Norda the body is more of an existential experience. What is the physical experience of sound doing to an individual? How are sound and silence joined together? How does feeling and intellect react when one is faced with a certain experience?

Jesper Norda (b. 1972) has a background as a musician but half way through his training to become a composer he changed into visual art. In 2002 he graduated with an MA from Konsthögskolan Valand in Gothenburg. Since then he has been working both with music and visual art. In both art forms with the same artistic consistency. In his visual art practice he expands the conceptual base into simple spatial operations made up of objects, text or light, sometimes linked to popular culture and sometimes linked to entirely personal experiences.

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Jesper Norda. THE CENTRE OF SILENCE - A sitespecific work of sound. Photo: Per Larsson.

Jesper Norda. THE CENTRE OF SILENCE - A sitespecific work of sound. Photo: Per Larsson.

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