Kalmar konstförening

Kalmar konstförening (Kalmar Art Association), founded in 1917, is the organisation responsible for Kalmar konstmuseum with its collections of art and design sketches. From 1942 until 2007 Kalmar konstmuseum was situated in the old hospital building at Slottsvägen. On the 10th of May 2008 the new museum located in Stadsparken, the city park, was opened. Designarkivet in Pukeberg, Nybro is a department of Kalmar konstmuseum.

Handwritten protocol

Notes from the founding meeting of Kalmar konstförening

Kalmar konstmuseum promotes the understanding and enjoyment of visual art and exhibits works of art from the collections of Kalmar konstförening as well as temporary exhibitions featuring art and design.

Members of Kalmar konstförening regularly receive information about the activities at the Museum, get free admission to the exhibitions of the Museum and support new purchases and conservation of the art collection.

Membership fees:

Annual membership, 200 SEK/year
Lifetime membership, 5000 SEK