The building

Interior Kalmar konstmuseum

In 1942 the museum moved into the old hospital at Slottsvägen near the castle. Over the years there had been plans to relocate the museum to Kalmar County Museum, enlarging the exhibition space by incorporating buildings nearby and also plans to expand and refurbish the existing premises.

Plans for a new museum started as early as 2001 but it was not until 2004 that it was decided to construct a new building in Stadsparken, the town park. An international competition was announced and the winner was chosen in February 2005. 294 architects entered the competition and the winning entry; called Plattform (Platform) was designed by Martin Videgård Hansson and Bolle Tham. On the 10th of May 2008 the new museum was officially opened by the minister of culture Lena Adelsohn Liljeroth.

The new Kalmar konstmuseum is a black four-level cube clad with large scale wooden panels. A glass entrance joins the museum, the restaurant and the park. The four floors, each with a different floor plan, are stacked on top of each other and hold studios, exhibition rooms, library, and offices. This creates a connection between the various activities taking place in the museum. The exhibition spaces are clear and flexible and the light becomes richly varied. To be able to experience art and at the same time being able to look out over the sea, the castle and the city, whilst standing high up among the treetops, enriches the aesthetic experience.

Kasper Salin Award 2008

The building was in 2008 awarded the Kasper Salin Price – Sweden’s most prestigious architectural award.

Kasper Salinpris Kalmar konstmuseum 2008
Motivation of the Jury:

A bold, ingenious and unexpected setting for an art museum in Kalmar Town Park. Partly hidden amongst the trees of the park the large volume of the building can barely be seen with its smooth surfaces reflecting the light. The interior of the house is just as beautiful and welcoming. The smooth, pale concrete surfaces and the stone details bring out the art on show. This is a place for peace as well as for reflection.