92 Events

Ken Friedman

08/02 - 23/04 2023

92 Events presents works spanning six decades by American born Fluxus artist Ken Friedman who since 2014 lives and works in Kalmar. Friedman produces conceptual, action-oriented, language-based works that attach themselves to daily life and challenge the idea of an artwork as an unique object. 92 Events are instructional texts that navigates a fine line between sculptural proposition, absurdist action, and concrete poetry. The works are deliberately playful–absurd even and describe a series of actions that break with traditional notions of art, leaving their actual realization in the hands or minds of the viewer. Friedman’s scores are live documents. By operating in language as instructions, descriptions, and documents, they slip between past, present, and future, operating in a suspended state of possibility with endless potential for variation and interpretation. They are a fitting model to envisage how art might function as a mental game: where the imagination can travel even if our bodies can’t.

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“Here, it’s personal”