Art on Screen

17/12 - 11/04 2023

A man trying to control a tornado, Miss Universe singing in the Stockholm subway and the fate of a glitter factory are some of the stories in the film program Art on Screen. Like so much contemporary art, the works screened reflect the times and the society in which we live, they ask challenging questions and create new visions for a world in transformation. The artists in Art on Screen deal with societal change, interpersonal relationships and the interaction between humans and nature. Artists are uniquely and importantly positioned to reshape our perception of the present moment. This is particularly relevant in an era marked by war, closed borders, and climate denial, when the need to test other ways of thinking, living, and coexisting becomes more pressing. Contemporary art is doing precisely this – helping us to see beyond the familiar and to encounter other people’s perspectives, points of view and experiences. By increasing the volume or creating small dislocations in an otherwise mundane situation, stories and behaviors are exposed that may reveal more than we first thought.

The artists in Art on Screen have varying backgrounds and come from different generations. For some, moving image is their primary means of expression while for others it is one of several media that they use. The film program Art on Screen is divided in three parts with different themes and is screened 17 Dec¬ 2022–11 Apr 2023. Starting with Transitions (17 Dec–31 Jan), followed by Together and Civilizing Nature (8 Mar–11 Apr).

The film program is curated by Bettina Pehrsson, commissioned by The Swedish Institute and in collaboration with Filmform.