A table of content

Åsa Norberg & Jennie Sundén

29/02 - 16/08 2020

The exhibition A Table of Content places the history of local craft manufacturing within a global context and investigates the created item from a sketch to the finished product as a work of art or an everyday object. Thoughts are raised about the origins of objects, their purpose and how they affect us humans and our environment. What do we really know about the things we hold in our hands?

As a starting point, the artists Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén have worked with the collection at Designarkivet [the Design Archive] in Nybro. In a series of works they have taken a closer look at some of the sketches and artefacts in the archive and through interpretation and by lending forms they have created collages using paint and simpler still lives. In Norberg and Sundéns paintings, sketches of design, art and everyday items are contrasted – items that never came to be, the ones that were produced on a small scale and those that were mass produced.

The exhibition also touches on a tale of industrial production of both everyday items and art objects where artists have played an important role in developing attractive pieces. In some cases these were part of political propaganda, in others they were used for more commercial purposes. A particular set of souvenir plates raise the question about the connection between local identity, the postindustrial condition and the movement of goods across the world.

A Table of Content combines thoughts about identity, production and the distance that has emerged between humans, the creation of things and how it is all correlated.



Designarkivet in Pukeberg, Nybro, is a national collection working to collect and keep material about the working process of designers throughout history. The collection today consists of close to 120 000 items by some 750 designers. Among other things, Designarkivet keep a large amount of material by Erik Höglund, a design treasure that Åsa Norberg and Jennie Sundén have appreciated particularly.

To find out more about Designarkivet, visit www.designarkivet.se