Andrei’s Maria

Ingela Johansson

16/05 - 13/06 2018

Andrei´s Maria is an artistic film essay about Andrei Tarkovsky’s film The Sacrifice (1986) which was produced in Sweden and filmed on Närsholmen, Gotland. In Andrei’s Maria, the Icelandic actress Guðrún Gísladóttir returns to the location, thirty years later, together with her daughter Vera Illugadóttir to tell the story about the production of Tarkovsky’s film.

The film is an interpretation and celebration of the character Maria, the witch, who was predestined to save the world from a nuclear disaster. The film reflects over Tarkovsky’s critique of civilisation, the interpretation of dreams and spiritual devotion. At the same time it shows what happened behind the scenes, from Gísladóttir’s unique perspective.

The newly recorded material is woven together with the original film in a montage. The narrative lifts existential questions about movements in time and space, but also about remembering a set. The story is driven forward by the relationship between mother and daughter, the personal heritage. It is a non-linear and broken tale of how we all, throughout time, move forwards together. About time going in circles, returning, like waves that die and are resurrected. Symbolically, we’re all links in the same chain.

Ingela Johansson started her work with Andrei’s Maria when she took part in BALTIC ART CENTER’S Research-in-Residence program in 2016.

Thank you Camilla Topuntoli for the collaboration on the production.