A *Candy Factory Project by Takuji Kogo with Mike Bode and John Miller

17/10 - 29/11 2015

Boogie Woogie Wonderland is a visual and musical art project comprising of multi screen and sound installations at Kalmar konstmuseum. The exhibition is made of re-mixes of fragments of information from various collaborative works developed by *Candy Factory Projects.

The installation at Kalmar konstmuseum consists of five works installed in relation to the space and site of the museum. Projected texts, sound and projected visual material, are all collected from the flow of popular culture and digital mainstream communication in order to create a new esthetic framework and meaning.

*Candy Factory Projects is a platform for international collaborative art projects directed by the Japanese artist Takuji Kogo. The platform is mobile and continuously relocates its offices into different institutions, organizing curatorial projects, exhibitions, web projects and publications.

Curator: Bengt Olof Johansson

Opening: 17 October at 14 pm
Artist Talk: 17 October at 15 pm