Eva Larsson

31/01 - 22/03 2015

For the first time Kalmar konstmuseum can present Eva Larsson’s work in the very region in Sweden she comes from. Since long her art is based on a wide-eyed interest in the boundary between the decorative and the meaningful configuration. Between the seemingly endless and the imperfect and banal. In negotiation between these poles, she creates a language that is full of energy. Through her image constructions we are led to believe the message that is hidden in geometry and the tremendously sophisticated patterns. In fact, they are laborious and intuitive drawings made by hand, which really makes them enigmatic. Recently, she has been constructing cubes by join different drawings, cubes that transforms the room and the viewer’s movements to an active part of the drawings.

Eva Larsson conducts an ongoing artistic dialogue with the minimalist tradition such as represented by for example Agnes Martin, but also with a postmodern icon as Jeff Koons. It is in the trust for the invention of the image and the distrust of its meaning she invites us to do our own experiences of what an image can be.