Electric Boogie

Time travel to the early 80's

03/11 - 03/12 2017

Electric Boogie – time travel to the early 80’s, tells the story of how Hip Hop reached Sweden, but also about what can be seen as Swedish cultural heritage.

The exhibition consists of framed photographs and articles and has been shown in Gothenburg, Stockholm and Helsinki.

Kenneth Seremet, who has curated the exhibition, is a journalist and historian, but also part of the first generation of hip hopers in Sweden. He grew up in Rinkeby, outside Stockholm, and he tells the story of how culture has enabled marginalised young people to develop. He has published several articles on the subject and lectures on hip hop, pedagogics and history.

In 1984 Kenneth Seremet featured on the youth program Bagen – the first Swedish tv-show to broadcast Breaking and Electric Boogie performed by immigrant children.

To coincide with the dance weekend HipHop Weekend, which takes place in Kalmar at the same time as the exhibition, we show Electric Boogie in the museum library with a pop-up at the dance competitions at Stadshotellet.

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