Every day’s light

Photographs by Andreas Rothstein

13/12 - 07/01 2018

Every day’s light, an exhibitions in the museum library, shows a series of photographs by Andreas Rothstein. The pictures and the title want to capture the documentary, poetical and existential sides of photography. Andreas Rothstein works with photographic film and ever since he started photographing he has been interested in the process of black and white photography. Some of the pictures shown have been developed negatively, in the way the photographer has seen them through film at the lightbox.

In the exhibition, the viewer will meet people contained in time and memory. But perhaps mainly in that which is the starting point for it all – light. Life is a flow of events, we don’t pause and reflect on each an every one. The photograph makes us stop. But what is in the picture is up to the viewer. Who speaks in the photograph? Is it the person watching and observing, or is it the observed who look back at you?