Anabelí Díaz, Matilda Haggärde and Daniel Segerberg

13/06 - 20/09 2015

Together with artists and educators, visitors can create a space for active participation in the artistic process. The process is ongoing throughout the summer, highlighting both the creative power and the role of the museum as a public space in a changing knowledge society. Through the exhibition, Kalmar konstmuseum wants to enable meetings and thoughts that broadens our perspectives on both art and life.

During the summer the artists Anabelí Díaz, Matilda Haggärde and Daniel Segerberg turn the exhibition space into their workshop. Clay, textiles and leftover from the city are the starting points for their exploration and experimentation. They all have their own artistic intentions and different experiences of social perspectives and educational processes. With different forms of expression, such as sculpture, installation and performance, the space is transformed when the artworks emerge, and no one can say in advance how the space will open itself for the future.

Art and aesthetics can be powerful driving forces in our society. One way of approaching art is to take part in the creative process. With art we can practice our minds, but also our associative, communicative and analytical skills. Through reflections on what we see and experience, art and culture can help us see the world and ourselves from other angles. Not least, this becomes important when change is faster, the choices become more and the decisions we have to make become more difficult.

Although it can make us unsure and might cause us to crave for simple answers, there are seldom any unambiguous answers. Sometimes it is the very process of formulating the complex questions that constitute the real challenge. Our time requires that we find new, unfamiliar roads.

During the exhibition period, both children and adults can participate in workshops and experience the space, with or without performances, together with artists and educators. Those who wish can also venture into exploring the sensual material of clay and contribute with building blocks to the joint, expanding artwork. You can try body-crochet on your own or together, or construct your innermost dream of the art museum. Jointly the museum takes shape into a dynamic space for experiences, meetings and conversations. A place to just be, or become.