Knit activism

Skeins against gender-based violence

20/04 - 05/09 2020

Since 2014 the Basque organisation Harituz has worked with the project Madejas contra la violencia sexista – Skeins against gender-related violence. Its artistic symbol – a giant and constantly growing scarf – travels around the world with the aim of one day covering the EU parliament in Brussels. Today the whole scarf is almost 5 km long.

During the summer of 2020 Kalmar konstmuseum will show 2,2 km of the scarf in the stairway of the museum, with an open invitation to anyone who wants to contribute to its length. Knitting events, workshops and lectures will be organised as soon as this becomes possible. But we also welcome contributions from people who are knitting at home and want to send us their pieces. Everyone can take part: individuals, organisations, women’s groups, young, old – anyone who in any way wants to contribute to raising the question and work against gender-related violence.

The scarf is 30 cm wide, but apart from that there are no limitations. Colour, patterns, application and other creative ideas are up to each knitter.

Skeins against gender-related violence has been shown across Spain, in Lisbon, Portugal and in the summer of 2018 it visited WANÅS KONST in Skåne. We hope that the summer in Kalmar will add many more meters to the scarf.

Contributions to the scarf can be left in our reception desk or be sent to:

Kalmar konstmuseum
293 33 Kalmar

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