Kristoffer Borgli , Enno Hallek, Andreas Meinich, Iiu Susiraja, Pilvi Takala & Gernot Wieland

20/06 - 20/09 2015

The exhibition doesn’t have any real concept, however a slogan as title, taken from the works of Andreas Meinich. But above all, it has a feeling in which a number of recurring concepts are tied together, a slight summery feeling of “why not freedom.” Holi-atmosphere, sort of, the small but fundamental freedom (balancing on the brink of total meaninglessness) when you have time off: to do this, just as well as that, and rather this than nothing at all, because this is a bit of fun. This is a bit better than not – and suddenly it boggles your mind, the existence!

Isn’t the moment when Iiu Susiraja comes up with squeezing a broom under the breasts a great moment in a person’s life? Clearly! One small thing that was completely insignificant, trivial, suddenly becomes immensely more – if not a memory for life, then as something even better, a memory of life. To have, like Enno Hallek, a portable sunset is sometimes so immensely better than not having it. Find that moment – no bad days!

What we simultaneously don’t need to have is the seriousness, identity and sincerity (which today’s means of control require) as the norm in life and art. We get holiday, a time when we can be what we want, DIY: recreational fishermen or painters, or, as in the films of Kristoffer Borgli and Pilvi Takala, Inspector Norse or Snow White. For a while. And just because it’s a bit better than not being it.

Curators: Jonatan Habib Engqvist and Lars-Erik Hjertström Lappalainen