Peder Nabo

04/05 - 09/06 2019

Photography has been a strong interest ever since I nicked my father’s camera as a boy and took intuitively to the camera’s functionality.

Peder Nabo is a composer, musician and photographer, raised in Ljungbyholm, Småland. He studied at Konstfack, Stockholm and with the photographer Chauncey Hare at San Francisco Art Institute. He has continuously worked with photography ever since.

In Root we are faced with large scale photography depicting the world from below – showing that which slowly moves beneath all that grows, creating subterranean ornaments.

Roots have had a special pull on Peder since his teenage years. His search for the roots of artistic expression has continued throughout most of his life in a boundless improvisation of photography, film, music and design. He doesn’t distinguish between different forms of artistic expression, it all boils down to the same thing: balance, tension and attraction.

The highly acclaimed show D-minor is light green, performed at Kalmar konstmuseum earlier this year, closed Peder’s career as a composer and musician at the theatre Byteatern after 42 years. The show was a multi-art performance where music met moving images and roots were used as a metaphor in the search for the inner soul of music and its importance to mankind. From there sprung the idea of creating a separate exhibition on the theme.

The exhibition at the art museum displays a selection of Peder’s photographs. The roots are not photographed with a camera, but by using a flatbed scanner that captures every single hair and gives the images their richness of detail.