Tyra Lundgren

04/07 - 11/11 2015

What about our emotions and relationships to urban birds? They are visitors from the nature, who live their lives in parallel with ours. Pigeons, crows and gulls stir up bad blood when they scream and litter, but we feel for them during harsh winters.

Designarkivet, The Swedish Design Archive has a large collection of bird sketches by the artist Tyra Lundgren, and urban birds seem to have had a special place in her heart. But what was Tyra Lundgren’s relationship to the birds really like? When they were brought up she often quickly clarified that it was birds as form elements that she constantly returned to in her work. At the same time, warm feelings for the individual animals are discernible in the works. They were not only motives, but friends she took to heart.

The exhibition, compiled by the curator at Designarkivet Eva Wängelin, shows Tyra Lundgren’s bird sketches from the Design Archive’s collection.