Sydosten 2017

Design and crafts

28/10 - 19/11 2017

It’s been six years since Sydosten (“the south-east”) was last shown at Kalmar konstmuseum. It’s now back, focussing on design and crafts. The museum received some 350 applications, most of them in the craft category, where textiles were the largest section.

Just like previous years, the application process has been open to anyone, professionals or amateurs, with a connection to the three counties in the south-east of Sweden: Småland, Blekinge and Öland.

50 artists were chosen by this year’s jury to participate in the exhibition with one or several artworks.

The jury has had to consider questions such as the relationship between art and craft, and how much emphasis should be put on quality in relation to craftsmanship. The dividing line between art and craft has been much discussed. It has always been fluid and could really be an expression of the same aesthetic needs.

You can find more information about the jury in the column to the right.

The following artists have been accepted to the exhibition with one or several artworks:

Agneta B. Lind
Agneta Mattisson Bojing
Anders Isgren
Anna Berg
Anna-Linda Gabriel
Anna-Malin Andersson
Anne Johansson
Annette Gulbaek
Annika Peterson
Attila Forsman
Britt Nilsson
Carl-Oscar Karlsson
Caroline Möller
Cissi Svärdström
Dan Stille
Eva Olsson
Eva Thunberg
Gunilla Nillan Holmgren
Helena Felldin
Hilda Carlsson
Ida Couchér
Irene Leijon
Johanna E Fagerstedt
Karin Meissner
Karlheinz Sauer
Kjell Ljones
Kristina Jeppsson
Lasse Carlsson
Leif Kindgren
Lena Fries
Lena Håkanson
Linda Rothstein
Lotta Björn
Margaretha Karlsson
Maria Johansson
Marie Lindblad
Markus Emilsson
Martin Andersson
Pernilla Berg
Rolf Graham
SannaMaria Strandå
Sara Västerlund
Sebastian Hägelstam
Sofia de la Fuente
Sophia Olivia Quirk
Susanne Enøe Hansen
Suzy Strindberg
Tillie Burden
William Liljeblad
Yvonne Johansson