Sydosten 2019

Craft, design and a new ambition to facilitate collaboration and build networks

26/10 - 19/01 2020

Almost 200 people applied to this year’s exhibition, which as usual has been open to everyone, professionals and amateurs, with a connection to the three countries in the south east: Småland, Blekinge and Öland.

A total of 67 artworks have now been selected by the jury to be exhibited at Kalmar konstmuseum, and many of them will be for sale during the exhibition period.

The 54 selected artists are:

Maria Ahlberg, AnnKristin Andersson, Maria Bang Espersen, Anna Berglund, BrittGunnel Bergström, Rayna Cunningham, Anabelí Díaz Gonzalez, Sigridur Eggertsdottir, Michelle Fundin, Tina Hultsborn, Lena Håkanson, Bodil Hörlen, Ylva Jacobsson, Ann-Sofi Karlsson, Leif Kindgren, Johan Lindberg, Karin Lindblom, Carl Lindström, Agneta Mattisson Bojing, Frida Peterson, Maria Pohl, Sarah Riedel, Tomas Rydh, Ann Rydh, Britt-Marie Sjöberg, Ewa Stenlund, Sofia Söderberg, Kähti Vestergren, Mia Ångman

Lene Andreasen, Philip Brosgård, Kristina Fredriksson, Niclas Hallberg, Harry Loontjens, Sara Solsjäl Helgefalk, Jenny Svensson

Lars Apelmo, David Christensson, Ana Gaines, Caroline Harrius, Louise Hävre, Elin Hökby, Kristina Jeppsson, Julia Juväng, Johanna Krämer, Mats Landström, Karin Lengstrand, Kenneth Lidström, Moa Lönn, Maria Malmström, Sofie Morild Christensen, Gustav Nilsson, Karlheinz Sauer, Anton Strömberg

The external jury selecting this year’s participants consisted of crafter and writer Zandra Ahl, textile designer and artist Emma Dahlqvist and the potter and artist August Sörenson.

Their statement about the jury work reads as follows:
“Among this year’s contributions we found a familiar but almost magical sense of the every day that is well known to the world of craft and design. From the every day, things and items take their shape through doing, materiality, the joy in creating and humour. But we also find life and death, and tales about the fragility and the strength of being human.

The selection has been done based on both the individual entries and the entity they form as a whole. In many cases the jury has had to discuss the works and their context to reach a consensus. The work of the jury has been difficult but mainly fun, exciting and engaging.”

It has been two years since Sydosten returned to Kalmar konstmuseum. For the museum, this autumn salon is an opportunity to see and to show art from the region – this year with focus particularly on craft and design. But apart from letting us show the diversity of creative power that surrounds us, we would like the exhibition to open doors and become a platform for us to meet, exchange thoughts and ideas and build relationships.

We see the exhibition as the long term building of a commitment and a common practice that takes Sydosten 2019 as its starting point, but that continues beyond the museum walls and the exhibition period. We hope that the visiting public will also want to partake in this by making the participants of the exhibition, their connection to the region, and where they are based, more visible to the public.

Bild på Markus EmilssonTo help us in the endeavour to create a more dynamic and collaborative Sydosten Markus Emilsson has been invited as co-curator for this year’s exhibition. Markus, who has taken part in Sydosten himself, is a glass artist and craftist and often sees his practice as an instrument for himself and the viewer to meet through – a starting point for a new conversation.

– Sydosten is to some extent a public exhibition, but I want it to become a meeting point for inspiration, new acquaintances and an exchange of knowledge. I want it to be an event that makes it possible for different practitioners to get to know each other and share stories about their work. I think about Sydosten as a map of making, of potential relationships and collaborations.

In Sydosten 2019 Kalmar konstmuseum want to expose and strengthen the network of crafters and craftspeople in the region, make it possible for practitioners to get to know each other and spark ideas about collaborations. Around the exhibition we will therefore work with a program to motivate and inspire continued and deeper work within craft and design. We naturally want as many of the exhibitors as possible to take part in this, and to see it as an opportunity to meet each other, the public and the staff at the museum.

Markus explains:

– So many opportunities arise when differences meet. Sydosten will display a variety of materials, artistic practice and expressions. It will become a meeting between amateurs and professionals and I hope it will be an exhibition filled with surprising combinations and a plethora of expressions and explorations. This is a place where chain saw art can meet pearl embroidery, root crafts sit side by side with metall sculptures and reed craft is reflected in glass sculptures. I want Sydosten to be characterised by meetings – both between humans and between different crafts.

On a practical level, Sydosten will continue to be open to all, professionals as well as amateurs, with a connection to one of the three counties in the south-east: Småland, Blekinge and Öland. An external jury will decide which pieces will be included in the exhibition and if the artist wants, the artworks will be for sale during the exhibition period.

We are excited to see this year’s applications and we look forward to many new and enjoyable meetings with active crafters as well as the public during the exhibition period. We hope that Sydosten 2019 will become a base to build on for coming years – both for us and for the participants.

– Kalmar konstmuseum