The Beast

Johan Thurfjell

16/06 - 09/09 2018

Since childhood, Johan Thurfjell has been fascinated by monster myths and mythologies. After letting it lie dormant for many years he let the fascination surface when he started to take an interest in the myth about Big Foot – an ancient myth about a man-like forest figure that exists both among North American and Canadian indians.

To Johan Thurfjell it doesn’t matter if the myth is false or if there’s a grain of truth in it. What’s important is to allow oneself to believe that the world is inhabited by things that aren’t rational and that aren’t visible in normal society.

This has made him return to Big Foot in a number of artworks. He has visited places and met people who all in different ways are connected to the myth. With time, the monster transformed from a mythical figure to something that perhaps is present in everyone – something emblematic of humanity.

When simultaneously Johan Thurfjell wanted to immerse himself in materiality and shaping material with his hands, a large sculpture took shape. Big Foot becomes a “second self”, a monstrous human shell and the beastly part of one’s humanity – the part that one is embarrassed by, but that nevertheless is part of us.