Släkten och slavarna

Carl Johan De Geer

05/10 - 09/02 2020

“I was completely taken aback when Antonio, a Brazilian man, told me that he was the descendant of a slave that Louis De Geer had had transported by slave ship to Brazil in the 17th century. And that it had been done under the protection of queen Kristina. Antonio felt that his and his ancestors’ destiny was forever tied to the name De Geer.”

This very real event is the starting point for Carl Johan De Geer’s (b. 1938) personal practice where he doesn’t shy away from asking difficult questions about our common life conditions. What do we really know about Swedish colonialism? In what way does the event described above change our view of the “father of Swedish industrialism” and can guilt be inherited?

Since 2017 Kalmar konstmuseum has returned to questions collated under the platform Deep Memory. It was created to carve our space for questions about decolonisation, lost memories and historical power structures. Exhibitions, talks and residence programs have followed and the ambition has been to collect many different perspectives.

Släkten och slavarna (The Family and the slaves) has previously been shown at Norrköpings Konstmuseum and Södertälje konsthall. At Kalmar konstmuseum it becomes part of the platform Deep Memory and our work in a wider debate currently taking place, where light is shone on colonial repression, unprocessed global traumas and the writing of history.

Släkten och slavarna (The Family and the slaves) is produced by Norrköpings konstmuseum.