Experimental fashion in the context of contemporary art

26/05 - 30/09 2018

Can fashion and art respond to current social, economic, cultural and environmental urgencies and shape new paradigmatic positions? Transfashional explores the intersection of art and fashion and the ways in which artists and fashion designers are engaging and contributing to these questions.

The experimental pieces in the exhibition, which are often produced through collaborations, transcend the boundaries between the genres. Artists and designers create conceptual and critical work that highlight the need for change both in production processes and in social relations. The artwork is more than simply wearable or functional clothing, they are tools for reflection, experimentation and self-expression.

Transfashional has previously been shown in London, Warsaw and Vienna.

Curator: Dobrila Denegri, Art Historian.


The exhibition in Kalmar has been made possible through a collaboration with  IASPIS.