Waiting for the light

Ove Wallin

16/05 - 12/08 2018

Kalmar konstmuseum wants to celebrate that the renowned film director Ingmar Bergman would have turned 100 years old in July 2018, by showing Ove Wallin’s images from the set of Ingmar Bergman’s Jungfrukällan. The pictures disappeared into the archives of memory, but will now be shown in the library of Kalmar konstmuseum.

In the spring of 1959, Ove Wallin, photographer, got the assignment to do a picture story from the set of Ingmar Bergman’s film Jungfrukällan. The location was Dalarna, Styggforsen and Skattungby. It was freezing cold throughout the production. The snowflakes came dancing down from a grey sky. The actors were cold and had to wrap up in blankets and sheep skins as they waited for the sun. After Bergman had seen and approved Ove Wallin’s photographs, they disappeared into the archives, but are now being shown again.

Ingmar Bergman had gather the best actors available for his film Jungfrukällan: Max von Sydow, Birgitta Valberg, Gudrun Brost, Gunnel Lindblom, Birgitta Pettersson, Tor Isedal. The always present film photographer Sven Nykvist was also on set.

Jungfrukällan is a Swedish drama from 1960, directed by Ingmar Bergman, with screenplay by Ulla Isaksson. The film takes place in the 14th century when a maiden, Karin, is raped and murdered. The film is based on the folk song Per Tyrsson’s daughters.

For several decades the pictures from the set of Jungfrukällan were hidden away in a basement in Tingsryd. Ove Wallin followed Ingmar Bergman through several productions as a young photographer. He got close to Bergman both in terms of working process and artistry. In the exhibition Waiting for the light people are given a new opportunity to see the forgotten pictures.