Who are you? Fashion and Poetry


24/11 - 17/02 2019

Clothes are markers of identity and in fashion sketches we often recognise ourselves, both as we were and as we are. Designarkivet has a collection of fashion sketches that are being shown in this exhibition next to poetry. Why?

In social media we are often asked the question “Who are you?”. But not questions about who we really are, but who we are similar to, or who we recognise ourselves as. Who are you in “Skam”? Who are you in “the Wahlgren Family”? Who are you in “Harry Potter”? Who are you in the “Moomin valley”? Who are you in… and so on. Who am I?

We want to hold up a mirror to the audience and raise questions about who they really are. About the importance of seeking one’s self inside and not just in digital media. Through examples from the world of poetry, where poets are conveying a message about who they are, we want to initiate a discussion about identity and about how it it formed.

Illustration: Anna-Lena Emdén